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Many organisations face a complex networking environment, typically overseeing multiple disparate networks which are often expensive and difficult to manage or modify. Damovo can provide a comprehensive set of secure network access; wide area and remote networking solutions - offering as much or as little help as you need, complementing your in-house capabilities, from a basic broadband circuit to a fully managed network solution.


When engineering a network to meet the exacting needs of a converged applications environment, Damovo offers one of the UK’s widest ranges of High Speed Internet and Network Access Solutions.

Broadband - ADSL, ADSL 2+ (M) and SDSL

We offer an extensive range of high speed ADSL connectivity, covering key office locations through to the remote workers who require access to your network. For dedicated connectivity, Damovo’s uncontended SDSL service provides you with guaranteed synchronous capacity; lower contention ratios and service level agreements make it suitable for those with demanding business requirements.

Leased Lines

For your critical IT applications which require exclusive and guaranteed bandwidth, a Leased Line to the Internet or between sites may still be most appropriate. Damovo’s Leased Lines offer you scalable solutions, underpinned by unrivalled SLAs when compared with broadband alternatives.

Ethernet Services

Increasingly, Leased Lines no longer provide the value or bandwidth elasticity many organisations demand as they look to enhance their existing networking infrastructures. Damovo’s scalable Ethernet solutions provide you with a choice of bandwidth and featured to-end SLAs that guarantee performance, security and availability.

ADSL Failover Solution

Damovo offers our Leased Line and Ethernet circuits with the option of a backup solution in the form of a second service over ADSL. Damovo can also design bespoke solutions to meet even the most complex of requirements, including Leased Line or Ethernet circuit failover options.


Expanding Network Boundaries So You Can Expand Your Business

Damovo can help you to implement a cost-effective data network either by providing a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection which will only ever carry your company’s traffic, or by securely utilising the Public Internet (Internet VPN). Whilst for most Greenfield deployments today Damovo would look to utilise its MPLS service, there are occasions where a standard WAN solution could still be more appropriate.


Damovo’s Managed IP-MPLS Service is specifically designed to deliver a secure, private IP WAN to multiple sites or ‘end points’. This is via a range of access circuit options from basic broadband and ADSL to Annex M and high-speed Ethernet, with the flexibility to mix and match individual access circuit suppliers dependent on geography, price and contractual demands.


Damovo's Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a potential alternative VPN for smaller networks using Ethernet connectivity and broadcast.

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