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Innovative Connectivity

With many new 'Communication Providers' offering a range of services from Internet Telephony, Carrier Pre-Select to Wholesale Line Rental, the opportunity to reduce voice telephony costs and improve services could not be better.

Cut Your Annual Phone Bill

How can you be sure you are receiving the best value or the highest standard of service on the telephone calls your organisation makes and the lines you rent? Uncovering the facts can be time consuming, confusing and a never-ending undertaking. Damovo can take care of this for you, by simplifying voice service management.

Business Calls and Lines

Damovo can reduce the cost of telephone calls and line charges, whilst simplifying call service management. We start by auditing your recent telephone bills to ascertain your current call / lines spend and provide you with a summary of potential savings.

Call Routing and Management Services

‘One Touch Business Continuity at Your Fingertips! Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.’

Critical to any organisation’s success is professionally managing their customer interactions. Your incoming call management is still key to this, often requiring a rapid response to changing business or climatic conditions - you can't afford to have calls unanswered, cut off or directed to the wrong person. Many organisations have little or no resolution to this or are stuck with costly, inadequate or inflexible legacy solutions. With Damovo’s new Inbound Call Management Service, getting instant control of your incoming calls on any number, from anywhere and any device via a web-based portal is a reality.

SIP Trunking (Carrier-Class VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is no longer the domain of domestic telephony. Today an increasing number of calls carried across BT’s core network are IP-based at some point. That’s why leading organisations are now exploring the benefits of SIP Trunking, which helps reduce your network infrastructure costs, streamline your network management and realise a measurable return on your IP technology investments. In its most rudimentary form, SIP Trunking offers a tried and tested, cost-effective alternative to traditional analogue or digital ISDN telephone lines. The true benefits are realised with SIP Trunking when your data and voice traffic are run across a single traffic-prioritised IP backbone.

Damovo’s SIP Trunking sets a new standard in voice and data convergence enabling you to:

  • Reduce Costs Enjoy average cost savings typically of 20-40% by reducing the operating expenses of managing your network connectivity and enjoying free of charge calls between your offices and lower call costs beyond the enterprise.
  • Accelerate Return on Investment SIP Trunking can significantly improve the return on your IP Telephony and your IP Networking investment.
  • Only Pay For Capacity You Need Calls are only limited by bandwidth availability, allowing you to easily adjust capacity in line with changing business needs - without the need for additional lines and PBX interface cards. Benefit from a phased migration, leading to greater savings as more sites migrate to the IP Trunking service.
  • Number Flexibility Retain your existing numbers, regardless of where you move - even if it’s to a different country!
  • Accelerate Unified Communications Deployments Provide a simple, cost effective migration path to Unified Communications and open the door to mobile integration and hosted services.
  • Increased Resilience Eliminate dependency on individual circuits. Should a particular circuit fail, calls can be redirected in a matter of seconds - no need for re-provisioning or complex call forwarding services.
Telecom Expense Management

Ensuring that your organisation is getting the most value from its telecom systems can be frustrating and time-consuming. Damovo’s Telecom Expense Management solution provides an integrated set of applications to make managing, monitoring and controlling your communications effortless, reliable and affordable. Our powerful easy-to-use system optimises these capabilities while enabling you to reduce telecom costs, eliminate wireless waste, optimise your plans and remove unused phones and circuits.

In addition it can recoup billing errors and optimise your data bandwidth usage. We can offer a variety of deployment models including customer premise-based systems fully managed by you or by us, a hosted solution or a fully Damovo-managed solution. We also provide consultancy to identify areas where potential cost savings and increased network performance could be achieved.

Let us run cost comparison reports against your current bills – and we'll show you how we can save you money. To find out more contact one of our advisors on 01403 244777 /

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