We understand that change is a constant part of your business environment, and so we offer a range of Optimisation services which have been designed to help you to get the most from every solution we implement. Our aim is to assist you in adapting to change, by ensuring that systems you have invested in continue to meet your objectives, to drive results and to provide return on investment.

Billing Analysis and Tariff Comparison
Capacity Monitoring and Reporting

Damovo’s Capacity Monitoring and Reporting services provides remote monitoring of key infrastructure components such as hard disk space, central processor utilisation and bandwidth, along with a comprehensive suite of reports. The service also generates proactive alerts when pre-set thresholds are breached, to warn of potential performance issues which may be reported by end-users – for example a server CPU showing over 90% utilisation for more than three minutes.

Network Health Check
Penetration Testing

Damovo’s Penetration Testing services are designed to protect information assets by providing a genuine understanding of how they can be compromised. The service takes a traditional vulnerability assessment and builds upon it, acting as an ‘ethical hacker’ to evaluate the security of networks, applications and data. By operating in the same way that a malicious individual would, the service demonstrates not only how the systems and applications were compromised, but also what could have been damaged or stolen.

Service Management

The Damovo Service Manager acts as a consistent focal point for service-related queries, measures and performance issues. Through regular Service Review Meetings, the overall client environment and the associated level of service performance is monitored, to identify any changes which could be implemented to improve and evolve the service outcome. 

System Health Check

Damovo’s System Health Check can identify potential issues and so provide the opportunity to resolve these before they impact end user performance. The service involves testing and analysing system components - including WAN, LAN and voice infrastructure - as well as environmental systems such as air conditioning. It can also be extended to include PAT testing and similar checks if required. A report which contains detailed findings, as well as recommendations for further action, is then provided.

Traffic Monitoring and Trend Reporting

Damovo’s Traffic Monitoring and Trend Reporting service provides a detailed profile of application utilisation across the LAN and WAN.  Comprehensive reporting identifies immediate issues, as well as trends which may have a negative impact on network performance - such as excessive broadcasts occurring on the network, or increasing web traffic. The report also identifies areas for optimisation and improvement, to maximise network efficiency.

Vulnerability Scanning

Damovo’s Vulnerability Scanning service conducts routine background scans of all IP connected devices on the network and checks for known and recently discovered vulnerabilities – for example, a port left open unintentionally, a password left at default value or other potential security issues which could be exploited to gain unauthorised access. The service also includes a summary report of vulnerabilities by end point, with an associated score based on industry ratings, together with an overall vulnerability rating with respect to the network as a whole.