Our methodologies and processes are tried and tested, complying with industry standards such as ISO and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Most importantly, we work on an ongoing basis to ensure that what we deliver on day one is continually refined and tuned to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Antivirus Management

Damovo’s Antivirus Management service ensures that computer viruses such as worms, Trojan horses and malware are prevented, or detected and then removed before they cause damage to servers, desktops and laptops. An alert is sent when a virus is detected, when definition files become out of date, when Antivirus software is not running for any reason – and also in the event of any other issue which may prevent the Antivirus software from operating correctly.

Asset Management
Availability Monitoring and Reporting

Damovo’s Availability Monitoring and Reporting service provides an early warning of a potential incident occurring. The service includes remote monitoring of key infrastructure components, both hardware and software, and proactive alerting when these become ‘unavailable’ – as well as delivering a comprehensive suite of reports.

Cabling Management
Data and Log Archiving

Damovo’s Data Log and Archiving service is an enhancement to the Data Backup and Restore service and ensures that data is not overwritten or lost. It offers a range of archiving strategies for different types of data, based on applicable retention policies. For example, financial records can be archived for a period of seven years, whereas other less critical data is retained for one year only.

Data Backup and Restore

Damovo’s Data Backup and Restore service carries out scheduled server backups on a daily, weekly and /or monthly basis.  The service provides an on-site a management server which is used to take the initial local backup. The data is then compressed and replicated to Damovo’s centralised systems, thus providing a secure, off-site backup of the entire system. Subsequent incremental backups are taken, meaning only blocks of data which have changed since the previous backup are copied - to ensure that a centralised backup is kept up to date at all times. A comprehensive restore service is also offered.

Device Configuration Management
End User Support
Equipment Recycling Services
Event Log Collection and Analysis

All IT infrastructure devices generate events and store records, but frequently these records are lost as a result of a reboot or power down of the IT components. Meanwhile, organisations are required to ensure compliance with security and other IT best practice. 

Damovo’s Event Log Collection and Analysis service routinely collects and archives these records from an agreed range of disparate devices and stores them. If required, unusual or suspicious events can also generate an SMS or email alert notification.

Event Monitoring
Expense Management

Damovo’s powerful and easy-to-use Expense Management service ensures that organisations get the most value from their telecom systems - by providing the tools and expertise to make managing, monitoring and controlling communications an effortless, reliable and affordable process. This enable organisations to reduce telecom costs - for example by removing unused phones and circuits, recouping billing errors or optimising data bandwidth usage. A variety of deployment models are available, including:

  • Customer premise-based systems, fully managed by the client or by Damovo
  • A hosted solution
  • A fully Damovo-managed solution

Consultancy services can also be provided, to identify areas where potential cost savings and increased network performance could be achieved.

Incident Management
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Damovo’s Mobile Device Management services provide organisations with comprehensive mobile lifecycle management capability. The service is based on Damovo’s Mobility Centre Service platform and delivers seamless activation, configuration and provisioning of mobile applications and services. It also offers real-time problem diagnostics, end-user care and security management, all on a diverse range of end points.

This provides organisations with the ability to manage and enforce the requirements of a fully documented mobile policy.

On Site Move Adds Change (MACs)
On Site Resource
Patch Management

Damovo’s Patch Management service extends across a range of IT platforms, including but not limited to Windows, Linux operating systems and Cisco and Extreme network IOS. Respective vendor announcements are monitored for patches and bug fixes, and clients are then notified accordingly. Where appropriate, the service includes applying the patch to the appropriate devices, in accordance with ITIL-based Change and Release Management procedures.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Damovo’s remote Performance Monitoring and Reporting service monitors specific system response times and other performance parameters, providing a detailed insight into how these systems are performing for their end users.  The information provided in the reports can assist organisations in reducing the amount of valuable time which is spent troubleshooting, in the event of a performance issue.

Power Care

Damovo’s Power Care service has been designed for older TDM PBX equipment. Preventative maintenance checks are carried out annually on all batteries and rectifiers to identify problems that may need attention, to ensure that the system is always in a state of readiness to deal with any power failure emergencies. The work does not require system downtime and can be done in normal working hours. Tests include:

  • Battery Impedance Test - to identify suspect cells and provide a reasonable accurate indication of the battery lifespan and standby time
  • Rectifier Test - to check and adjust battery charging settings as necessary
  • Environmental Check - to determine whether local conditions are impairing the lifespan of the batteries

Following the tests, a comprehensive report is issued which includes recommendations for further action as required

Remote Soft Move Adds Change (MACs)
Remote Technical Support
Secure Data Destruction
Service Desk

Damovo’s UK based Service Desk enables support calls to be logged at any time of the day or night, irrespective of the contracted hours of cover. Clients are also provided with access to Damovo’s 24 hour Service Portal which allows calls to be logged at any time, as well as providing visibility of real-time and historical incident data.

Software Licence Management

Damovo’s Software Licence Management service is offered in two ways - Basic Licence Management which is the supply of additional end-point licences, and Total Licence Management which is the supply, deployment and administration of software licences across a range of IT platforms.

The service includes the assessment of required licence renewals with respective vendors, and maintenance of proof of software licences purchased - with the objective of optimising and protecting all software licences purchased. This monitoring occurs throughout all the stages of the licence lifecycle, to limit costs and ensure legal compliance.

Software Updates

Damovo provides ongoing implementation of Software Updates (minor versions) and all appropriate bug fixes, in order to ensure that all software levels remain current.

Software Upgrades

As well as providing software updates to current point releases for clients who have an appropriate maintenance and support contract, Damovo can also carry out major Software Upgrades across entire IT platforms. Upgrades can be performed outside of normal working hours to reduce the risk of disruption to end user services, and are always carried out in accordance with Damovo’s ISO certified Release and Change Management procedures.

Spare Parts Provision
Technical Enquiries

As part of Damovo’s comprehensive support services, general Technical Enquiries on the functionality, operation and configuration of the supported systems will be responded to.

Technician to Site
Third Party Management

Damovo offers a Third Party Management service which can manage an organisation’s other associated third party suppliers. This streamlines the support processes, to provide a coherent and cost effective support model.

VoIP Quality Monitoring

The Damovo VoIP Quality Monitoring service offers a centralised and cohesive way to manage all of the VoIP systems and services within an organisation that play a role in the ‘quality of service’ which end users ultimately experience.

VoIP is increasingly relied upon to deliver vital communications services. To ensure these meet the reliability and quality demands of end-users, the Damovo service enables organisations to monitor and proactively manage every component within their VoIP infrastructure, including the underlying networks and components, and all of the services that run on them – enabling them to guarantee continuous SLA compliance and end user satisfaction.