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Antivirus Management

Damovo’s Antivirus Management service ensures that computer viruses such as worms, Trojan horses and malware are prevented, or detected and then removed before they cause damage to servers, desktops and laptops. An alert is sent when a virus is detected, when definition files become out of date, when Antivirus software is not running for any reason – and also in the event of any other issue which may prevent the Antivirus software from operating correctly.

Application Development
Asset Management
Availability Monitoring and Reporting

Damovo’s Availability Monitoring and Reporting service provides an early warning of a potential incident occurring. The service includes remote monitoring of key infrastructure components, both hardware and software, and proactive alerting when these become ‘unavailable’ – as well as delivering a comprehensive suite of reports.

Benefit Realisation
Billing Analysis and Tariff Comparison

The Damovo Broadband portfolio offers a comprehensive range of contended (shared) and uncontended Broadband connections, with a choice of speeds and features. These are ideal for simple Internet access, for creating connections between offices and home workers, and for carrying voice traffic and other applications where quality is of the utmost importance. All connectivity services are available as fully managed offerings and are supplied with pre-configured routers. The portfolio includes:

  • ADSL Max – Up to 8Mbps asymmetric service
  • ADSL2+ – Up to 24Mbps downstream asymmetric service (1Mbps upstream) with either standard or elevated data traffic priority
  • ADSL2+ Annex M variant – as above but with up to 2.5Mbps upstream
  • SDSL – A symmetrical broadband service with upload and download speeds of up to 2Mbps.
Business Needs Analysis
Business Planning

Business Planning includes:

  • Business Continuity
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Communications Strategy
  • Design and Planning
  • ROI Impact and Analysis
Business Support

Business Support includes:

  • Procurement, from creation of the requirement through to contract award and further onto management of the deployment
BYOD Policy

To learn more about the Bring Your Own Device trend, visit our BYOD page here.

BYOD Readiness Assessment

To learn more about the Bring Your Own Device trend, visit our BYOD page here.

Cabling Management
Cabling Services
Call Logging

Damovo’s Call Logging solution captures and records information such as numbers dialled or call duration and then provides an estimated or actual cost of the call. The call data which is recorded can be manipulated and then presented in a number of different ways - for example by user or department, or by other business level. It can also be displayed in numerous different formats - for example by cost, volume, duration or other exceptions. Automatic alarms can also be generated, for example when billing thresholds are exceeded or specific numbers are dialled.

Call Minutes

Damovo Call Minutes are offered either as Carrier Pre Select (CPS) across BT originating lines, or as direct connections via alternative carrier networks. Keys service features include:

  • Highly competitive call rates
  • The ability to retain existing numbers
  • Seamless switchover with fully managed migration
  • Expert phone-based technical support
  • Consolidated billing and service support
Capacity Monitoring and Reporting

Damovo’s Capacity Monitoring and Reporting services provides remote monitoring of key infrastructure components such as hard disk space, central processor utilisation and bandwidth, along with a comprehensive suite of reports. The service also generates proactive alerts when pre-set thresholds are breached, to warn of potential performance issues which may be reported by end-users – for example a server CPU showing over 90% utilisation for more than three minutes.


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Communications Audit

Communications Audit includes

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Bill Verification
  • Asset Inventories
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Security Applications
  • Call Charges/Line Rentals
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • User Profiling

Damovo’s instant audio Conferencing solution is called Damovo MeetMe. It enables virtual audio ‘meetings’ for up to 40 participants via a fixed line or mobile telephone number. No prior booking is required and conferences can be established in the time it takes participants to call in. The service is easy to use and is available every day of the year, whenever a meeting needs to be scheduled.


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Contact Centre Consultancy
Contact Centres

Damovo offers a range of Contact Centre solutions which vary dramatically in size, complexity and scope of responsibility. Key service features include:

  • Multiple communication media such as voice, email, SMS and web chat
  • Sophisticated management tools
  • Integration into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and back office platforms to ensure that callers are dealt with in the most appropriate manner
  • Support for agents that work remotely, to enable flexible working
  • Complex call routing, enabling agents to be presented with specific calls based on their skills, experience and workload

Typical uses include:

  • Enabling organisations to communicate with their customer base
  • Supporting an organisation’s internal demands, for example calls into the IT helpdesk
  • Acting as the access point to external parties
  • Provision of 999 blue light response through to student services or insurance sales

In essence, supporting every business need, where volumes of calls have to be handled effectively and efficiently.

Customer Premise UC
Data and Log Archiving

Damovo’s Data Log and Archiving service is an enhancement to the Data Backup and Restore service and ensures that data is not overwritten or lost. It offers a range of archiving strategies for different types of data, based on applicable retention policies. For example, financial records can be archived for a period of seven years, whereas other less critical data is retained for one year only.

Data Backup and Restore

Damovo’s Data Backup and Restore service carries out scheduled server backups on a daily, weekly and /or monthly basis.  The service provides an on-site a management server which is used to take the initial local backup. The data is then compressed and replicated to Damovo’s centralised systems, thus providing a secure, off-site backup of the entire system. Subsequent incremental backups are taken, meaning only blocks of data which have changed since the previous backup are copied - to ensure that a centralised backup is kept up to date at all times. A comprehensive restore service is also offered.

Data Centre

Damovo’s Data Centre solutions provide a hosted or co-located service which enables the deployment of new services without the need to install and implement the associated ICT infrastructure. This removes the need for organisations to manage hardware or software and eliminates capital investments through a convenient ‘pay as you go’ subscription model. It also provides the benefit of ICT solutions which are deployed quickly, on demand, and can scale up or down in line with business needs.

Data Networking

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Desktop Virtualisation
Device Configuration Management
End Point

Damovo offers a range of End Point devices which meet the communication needs of any organisation. This includes traditional desktop telephones, desktop and laptop PCs, mobile phones, smartphones, conferencing and video devices - along with an array of associated accessories.  

End User Support
Equipment Recycling Services

Ethernet started out as a shared Local Area Networking (LAN) technology but is now rapidly becoming a globally-accepted data transport medium of choice. Unlike most broadband classes Ethernet offers uncontended access with guaranteed bandwidth throughput at all times of the day.

Damovo’s Ethernet services can be used to deliver site-to-site connectivity or as access circuits when part of a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet access solution. This provides locations with greater bandwidth flexibility than Leased Lines, with a comparatively low cost per Mbps. The Damovo Ethernet solution can deliver Internet access and VPN connection speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps and the same or greater for off net, site-to-site connectivity. It also offers 24/7 support with defined service levels.

Event Log Collection and Analysis

All IT infrastructure devices generate events and store records, but frequently these records are lost as a result of a reboot or power down of the IT components. Meanwhile, organisations are required to ensure compliance with security and other IT best practice. 

Damovo’s Event Log Collection and Analysis service routinely collects and archives these records from an agreed range of disparate devices and stores them. If required, unusual or suspicious events can also generate an SMS or email alert notification.

Event Monitoring
Expense Management

Damovo’s powerful and easy-to-use Expense Management service ensures that organisations get the most value from their telecom systems - by providing the tools and expertise to make managing, monitoring and controlling communications an effortless, reliable and affordable process. This enable organisations to reduce telecom costs - for example by removing unused phones and circuits, recouping billing errors or optimising data bandwidth usage. A variety of deployment models are available, including:

  • Customer premise-based systems, fully managed by the client or by Damovo
  • A hosted solution
  • A fully Damovo-managed solution

Consultancy services can also be provided, to identify areas where potential cost savings and increased network performance could be achieved.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

As workers become increasingly more mobile, smartphones are rapidly becoming the primary business tool and are often used as a substitute for the office desk phone. But this significantly increases mobile call costs and creates a very real need for control.

Damovo’s Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) service is an innovative new solution in enterprise mobility. It converges fixed and mobile telephony to create an ‘eFMC’ (enterprise Fixed Mobile Convergence) solution that allows users to access telephony features and other applications from a single device, which operates seamlessly across multiple networks. There are a number of approaches which can be taken in providing the most effective eFMC solution, and these can be Operator based, Service Provider or Enterprise based. Any of these can be used individually or in combination, to meet individual needs.

High Level Design
Hosted Solutions - Collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration solutions designed to flex and adapt as your needs evolve. Discover more.

Inbound Call Management

Damovo’s Inbound Call Management Service enables organisations to manage interaction with their customers more effectively. Incoming call traffic can be challenging to manage and requires a rapid response to changing business conditions, to ensure that calls do not go unanswered, get cut off or are directed to the wrong person.

The Damovo solution provides secure online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools, without the need to install or manage any expensive hardware or software. This enables the efficient and cost-effective routing of all incoming calls to any end number - whether landline, mobile or international. This routing can be based on numerous self-configurable feature sets, from basic number redirection through to more progressive call management services.

In addition, Damovo offers a range of Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers including 0800, 03, 0845, 0844 and 0871.

Incident Management
Instant Messaging

Damovo’s Instant Messaging (IM) solution provides organisations with a tool which has been a favoured form of communication in the consumer market for some time. The transition of IM into to the business community is well under way as part of the broader adoption of secure enterprise-grade Unified Communications technology, which typically embraces IM alongside presence, email, voice and video communication. For enterprises, IM and presence technologies in particular can greatly improve the effectiveness of communication.


Damovo delivers a business-grade ‘Internet’ service to its clients designed to meet their specific needs. Internet from Damovo provides high speed, reliable and scalable connectivity with speeds from 2Mb/s up to 10Gb/s, and access available via ADSL, SDSL, SDH, EtherExpress (Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)).and Ethernet Everywhere (fibre).  


Damovo’s IP VPN service is complementary to the managed MPLS VPN solution. It enables organisations to benefit from connection to centralised resources - such as applications, VoIP, databases and intranets - from remote locations. Compared to MPLS, the VPN service provides a relatively low cost way of connecting private networks and offices to one another anywhere in the world, over the low cost public internet.

IP VPN uses two key technologies. First, IPSec VPN connects all office networks and locations together and then SSL VPN makes it possible for specified users – no matter where they are in the world – to tap into the corporate network using any device with a standard browser, so that they can access centralised resources easily and securely.


Damovo’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution provides inbound callers with ‘self-service’ applications, so that incoming calls for common requests can be handled efficiently and consistently without the need for human interaction. This decreases the operational costs to the organisation as it reduces the cost per interaction and also improves customer service, as it is available 24/7. With the right application, IVR systems can be used to automate a wide range of sales, service or support type calls.

LAN Switching & Routing

Damovo’s LAN Switching services can deploy intelligent energy efficiency processes; enhance network security by blocking malware, to restrict unauthorised access; and can keep key business services running smoothly by prioritising the most important applications. Innovative new features are continuously being added the LAN Switching service to cope new demands as business requirements evolve, such as the unique demands of virtual servers and the data centre.

Leased Lines

Damovo’s Leased Line service (also known as Private Circuits or Lines) enables reliable communication links between various locations - for data transfer, internet access or the carrying of voice traffic. Leased Lines offer high speed, dedicated, uncontended, guaranteed bandwidth and service levels, delivering unrivalled service levels in comparison to ADSL and SDSL, as well as fully uncontended, synchronous throughput at a variety of speeds.

Service options include internet Leased Lines as well as point-to-point circuits - i.e. a connection from one location to another without Internet access.

Low Level Design
Managed Connectivity

View our Managed Connectivity page.


Damovo’s Messaging solutions cover a number of different means by which information can be transmitted from one party to another. These include visual, written and voice, asynchronous and synchronous, and real and elapsed time. Examples include:

Mobile Connectivity

Damovo’s Mobile Connectivity solutions cover everything from voice-only connections through to mobile broadband connections and smartphones with data access. The complete mobile telecoms environment is managed and reported on in the same way as the fixed telecoms environment, which reduces the management overhead that comes with having multiple providers.

Mobile Data
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Damovo’s Mobile Device Management services provide organisations with comprehensive mobile lifecycle management capability. The service is based on Damovo’s Mobility Centre Service platform and delivers seamless activation, configuration and provisioning of mobile applications and services. It also offers real-time problem diagnostics, end-user care and security management, all on a diverse range of end points.

This provides organisations with the ability to manage and enforce the requirements of a fully documented mobile policy.


Corporate data is now as mobile as the corporate workforce, and increasingly the provision of mobile devices in the workplace is likely to move from corporate control to personal liability. Damovo’s Mobility solutions enable organisations to benefit from this increased flexibility and efficiency, by allowing users to access business applications securely wherever they are. Whilst the risk increases so does the value to the business, but mobile security and mobility management will always be paramount.


Today's enterprises face a complex networking environment, typically overseeing multiple disparate networks which are expensive and difficult to manage or modify.

Damovo’s managed MPLS VPN service delivers a secure, private IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN) to multiple sites or end points via a range of access circuit options - from basic Broadband and ADSL to Annex M and high speed Ethernet. The service brings together numerous traffic types into one streamlined network, giving each data type differing levels of priority to ensure that traffic which needs fast sequenced transport - like video or voice - always gets it.

With the Damovo service, organisations have the flexibility to mix and match individual access circuit suppliers dependent on geography, price and Terms & Conditions. This simplified WAN architecture provides lower costs, single supplier management and a responsive, managed business IT network that delivers security, scalability and flexibility to grow with the business. The service includes managed routers, firewall options and centralised internet access, together with comprehensive reporting tools – to deliver complete traffic and usage information for each site.

Network and ICT Systems Evolution
Network Audit

Network Audit includes:

  • IPT Readiness Assessment
  • UC Readiness Assessment
Network Health Check
Network Security

Damovo’s Network Security services have been developed to accommodate constantly changing threats, considering security from initial design through to ongoing operation of the network. Network design is certified up to and including strict UK Government standards. The service includes:

  • Protecting endpoints, servers, email and voice from malware and other attacks
  • Authenticating fixed, wireless and virtual network access
  • Shielding network perimeter security using firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention devices
On Site Move Adds Change (MACs)
On Site Resource

View our Optimisation page.

Patch Management

Damovo’s Patch Management service extends across a range of IT platforms, including but not limited to Windows, Linux operating systems and Cisco and Extreme network IOS. Respective vendor announcements are monitored for patches and bug fixes, and clients are then notified accordingly. Where appropriate, the service includes applying the patch to the appropriate devices, in accordance with ITIL-based Change and Release Management procedures.

Penetration Testing

Damovo’s Penetration Testing services are designed to protect information assets by providing a genuine understanding of how they can be compromised. The service takes a traditional vulnerability assessment and builds upon it, acting as an ‘ethical hacker’ to evaluate the security of networks, applications and data. By operating in the same way that a malicious individual would, the service demonstrates not only how the systems and applications were compromised, but also what could have been damaged or stolen.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Damovo’s remote Performance Monitoring and Reporting service monitors specific system response times and other performance parameters, providing a detailed insight into how these systems are performing for their end users.  The information provided in the reports can assist organisations in reducing the amount of valuable time which is spent troubleshooting, in the event of a performance issue.

Power Care

Damovo’s Power Care service has been designed for older TDM PBX equipment. Preventative maintenance checks are carried out annually on all batteries and rectifiers to identify problems that may need attention, to ensure that the system is always in a state of readiness to deal with any power failure emergencies. The work does not require system downtime and can be done in normal working hours. Tests include:

  • Battery Impedance Test - to identify suspect cells and provide a reasonable accurate indication of the battery lifespan and standby time
  • Rectifier Test - to check and adjust battery charging settings as necessary
  • Environmental Check - to determine whether local conditions are impairing the lifespan of the batteries

Following the tests, a comprehensive report is issued which includes recommendations for further action as required


Presence is the ability to graphically display an individual’s communication status. At its simplest, an Instant Messaging contact list tells one user whether another user is available to chat, typically through the display of a green icon.

Delivered as part of a Unified Communications implementation, Damovo’s Presence solutions increase the granularity of presence information and extend the availability of that information across fixed and mobile devices, in order to radically enhance business productivity.

Project Management
Proof of Concept
PSTN Lines

Damovo’s carrier relationships enable PSTN Lines to be delivered via a single provider for all PSTN connectivity. A wide variety of connection methods are possible, ranging from traditional analogue business lines such as ISDN 2, ISDN 30 or direct exchange lines, right through to the latest SIP connections. Key service features include:

  • Seamless switchover with fully managed migration
  • Expert phone-based technical support
  • Consolidated billing and service support

Call recording has historically been used mainly in financial environments, but is now being employed in a wider variety of contact centres, either as a legal requirement or to improve customer service levels and identify agent training needs.

Damovo’s Call Recording solutions provide access to previous recordings through simple indexing or keywords, enabling agents and managers to quickly assess and identify details of any recorded interaction. Call recording can be used to support staff in challenging call situations and to analyse the stress levels of callers. More complex analysis of calls including ‘word spotting’ can also be used to identify opportunities.

Remote Soft Move Adds Change (MACs)
Remote Technical Support
ROI Impact & Analysis
Secure Data Destruction
Server Virtualisation
Service Desk

Damovo’s UK based Service Desk enables support calls to be logged at any time of the day or night, irrespective of the contracted hours of cover. Clients are also provided with access to Damovo’s 24 hour Service Portal which allows calls to be logged at any time, as well as providing visibility of real-time and historical incident data.

Service Management

The Damovo Service Manager acts as a consistent focal point for service-related queries, measures and performance issues. Through regular Service Review Meetings, the overall client environment and the associated level of service performance is monitored, to identify any changes which could be implemented to improve and evolve the service outcome. 

SIP Trunking

At the most basic level, Damovo’s SIP Trunking solutions provide a cost effective full or partial replacement for traditional analogue or digital ISDN telephone lines.

SIP Trunking is also used more comprehensively to converge all data and local, national, international and private voice traffic onto a single IP backbone.

The SIP Trunking service also supports legacy PBX implementations, strengthening the business case for switching to IP and making migration even easier. This typically leads to average cost savings of between 20% and 40%.

Software Licence Management

Damovo’s Software Licence Management service is offered in two ways - Basic Licence Management which is the supply of additional end-point licences, and Total Licence Management which is the supply, deployment and administration of software licences across a range of IT platforms.

The service includes the assessment of required licence renewals with respective vendors, and maintenance of proof of software licences purchased - with the objective of optimising and protecting all software licences purchased. This monitoring occurs throughout all the stages of the licence lifecycle, to limit costs and ensure legal compliance.

Software Updates

Damovo provides ongoing implementation of Software Updates (minor versions) and all appropriate bug fixes, in order to ensure that all software levels remain current.

Software Upgrades

As well as providing software updates to current point releases for clients who have an appropriate maintenance and support contract, Damovo can also carry out major Software Upgrades across entire IT platforms. Upgrades can be performed outside of normal working hours to reduce the risk of disruption to end user services, and are always carried out in accordance with Damovo’s ISO certified Release and Change Management procedures.

Spare Parts Provision

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System Health Check

Damovo’s System Health Check can identify potential issues and so provide the opportunity to resolve these before they impact end user performance. The service involves testing and analysing system components - including WAN, LAN and voice infrastructure - as well as environmental systems such as air conditioning. It can also be extended to include PAT testing and similar checks if required. A report which contains detailed findings, as well as recommendations for further action, is then provided.

System Implementation
System Integration
Technical Enquiries

As part of Damovo’s comprehensive support services, general Technical Enquiries on the functionality, operation and configuration of the supported systems will be responded to.

Technician to Site
Third Party Management

Damovo offers a Third Party Management service which can manage an organisation’s other associated third party suppliers. This streamlines the support processes, to provide a coherent and cost effective support model.

Traffic Analysis
Traffic Monitoring and Trend Reporting

Damovo’s Traffic Monitoring and Trend Reporting service provides a detailed profile of application utilisation across the LAN and WAN.  Comprehensive reporting identifies immediate issues, as well as trends which may have a negative impact on network performance - such as excessive broadcasts occurring on the network, or increasing web traffic. The report also identifies areas for optimisation and improvement, to maximise network efficiency.


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Unified Communications

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Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging facilitates the capture and recording of voice calls that would otherwise have been missed by the recipient. Basic voice mail systems integrated with corporate PBX's typically provide the function whereby users are alerted to the arrival of a message and are able to retrieve it via their telephone keypad. Unified Messaging platforms however can integrate multiple message formats such as voice recordings and facsimile and deliver those messages to the user in multiple formats. For example, presenting a voice mail message in a person’s email inbox and allowing it to be retrieved from their desktop.

Verification Testing
Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO includes:

  • Independent Technology Advisor to Executive Team
  • Business/Technology Change Programme Leadership
  • IT function leadership/ turnaround
  • Strategy development

Damovo’s Voice/IPT solutions provide flexibility and cost savings by employing IP standards to deliver voice communications and other related services. These solutions utilise an organisation’s IP based data network (including wireless) to connect end users, irrespective of their location or telephone device. Users can also benefit from the system’s rich features, functionality, controls and services.


Damovo’s Voicemail solutions capture voice calls that would otherwise have been missed by the recipient and allow the caller to record a voice message. By integrating a voicemail system with the corporate PBX, users are alerted to the arrival of a message by either a message waiting indication or as an email and are able to retrieve it via their telephone keypad or directly from their inbox.

VoIP Quality Monitoring

The Damovo VoIP Quality Monitoring service offers a centralised and cohesive way to manage all of the VoIP systems and services within an organisation that play a role in the ‘quality of service’ which end users ultimately experience.

VoIP is increasingly relied upon to deliver vital communications services. To ensure these meet the reliability and quality demands of end-users, the Damovo service enables organisations to monitor and proactively manage every component within their VoIP infrastructure, including the underlying networks and components, and all of the services that run on them – enabling them to guarantee continuous SLA compliance and end user satisfaction.

Vulnerability Scanning

Damovo’s Vulnerability Scanning service conducts routine background scans of all IP connected devices on the network and checks for known and recently discovered vulnerabilities – for example, a port left open unintentionally, a password left at default value or other potential security issues which could be exploited to gain unauthorised access. The service also includes a summary report of vulnerabilities by end point, with an associated score based on industry ratings, together with an overall vulnerability rating with respect to the network as a whole.


Wide Area Networking equipment has evolved way beyond the traditional IP router. Damovo provides a range of WAN solutions which enable multiple services - such as UC, video, mobility and security - to be combined and optimised within a single intelligent network edge device, to meets the networking needs of main offices or branches. A range of connectivity such as DSL, Ethernet or MPLS is also catered for.

Wireless LAN

Damovo’s Wireless LAN solutions make the promise of wireless connectivity everywhere across the enterprise a reality - whether for traditional network access or to support mobile UC and wireless tablet computers. Wireless LAN technology is now  migrating from older standards to 802.11n-based systems that provide many times more capacity and performance. Damovo’s solutions are also much more scalable and robust than older systems, which matches the increasing importance of wireless technology within all organisations.

Workforce Management

When call volumes into a Contact Centre fluctuate, and different skills levels are available at different times, it can be a difficult task to ensure that staffing levels are appropriately managed.

Damovo’s Workforce Management solutions provide predictive analysis of call patterns and expected staffing requirements, to enable organisations to manage Contact Centre employees’ schedules and shift patterns for effectively. This is invaluable, especially when re-planning is needed as a result of unexpected events or staff absence.