Data Networking

The backbone of your organisation

Damovo has been designing, delivering and supporting the networks that carry business-critical applications for almost three decades. It’s not enough for your network to be simply available - it also needs to perform and to be secure, so that the services on which your organisation relies work effectively all of the time.

Photo of businessmen walking across a lobbyEver-changing demands are being placed on business networks, from Unified Communications, flexible working patterns and IP-based voice and video, to mobility and critical applications which support core business processes. All of which makes reliability and consistent quality of service of paramount importance.

Carrying critical real-time traffic is Damovo’s heritage and we understand that networks must always perform at a level far beyond ‘best effort’. So we offer a range of data networking solutions which have been designed to meet the challenges that your organisation faces today.

Data Centre

Damovo’s Data Centre solutions provide a hosted or co-located service which enables the deployment of new services without the need to install and implement the associated ICT infrastructure. This removes the need for organisations to manage hardware or software and eliminates capital investments through a convenient ‘pay as you go’ subscription model. It also provides the benefit of ICT solutions which are deployed quickly, on demand, and can scale up or down in line with business needs.


Ethernet started out as a shared Local Area Networking (LAN) technology but is now rapidly becoming a globally-accepted data transport medium of choice. Unlike most broadband classes Ethernet offers uncontended access with guaranteed bandwidth throughput at all times of the day.

Damovo’s Ethernet services can be used to deliver site-to-site connectivity or as access circuits when part of a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet access solution. This provides locations with greater bandwidth flexibility than Leased Lines, with a comparatively low cost per Mbps. The Damovo Ethernet solution can deliver Internet access and VPN connection speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps and the same or greater for off net, site-to-site connectivity. It also offers 24/7 support with defined service levels.

LAN Switching & Routing

Damovo’s LAN Switching services can deploy intelligent energy efficiency processes; enhance network security by blocking malware, to restrict unauthorised access; and can keep key business services running smoothly by prioritising the most important applications. Innovative new features are continuously being added the LAN Switching service to cope new demands as business requirements evolve, such as the unique demands of virtual servers and the data centre.

Network Security

Damovo’s Network Security services have been developed to accommodate constantly changing threats, considering security from initial design through to ongoing operation of the network. Network design is certified up to and including strict UK Government standards. The service includes:

  • Protecting endpoints, servers, email and voice from malware and other attacks
  • Authenticating fixed, wireless and virtual network access
  • Shielding network perimeter security using firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention devices
Server Virtualisation

Wide Area Networking equipment has evolved way beyond the traditional IP router. Damovo provides a range of WAN solutions which enable multiple services - such as UC, video, mobility and security - to be combined and optimised within a single intelligent network edge device, to meets the networking needs of main offices or branches. A range of connectivity such as DSL, Ethernet or MPLS is also catered for.

Wireless LAN

Damovo’s Wireless LAN solutions make the promise of wireless connectivity everywhere across the enterprise a reality - whether for traditional network access or to support mobile UC and wireless tablet computers. Wireless LAN technology is now  migrating from older standards to 802.11n-based systems that provide many times more capacity and performance. Damovo’s solutions are also much more scalable and robust than older systems, which matches the increasing importance of wireless technology within all organisations.

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