Managed Connectivity

Effective communication is key

In order to stay competitive and to achieve business objectives, all organisations strive to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase flexibility and operate more efficiently. And one of the most efficient ways of achieving this is through the careful rationalisation, optimisation and management of your connectivity solutions.

Photo of a woman using a tablet in an airportBy providing your staff with on-demand access to online applications and corporate resources, whether within a single site, between sites or when mobile, they can be more efficient and more productive. The overall result is an organisation that responds more quickly to market conditions, in a way that ultimately enhances its measurable performance.

When looking to technology to sharpen your competitive edge, it’s critical to work with a partner who has a proven reputation of delivering against these key business challenges. Damovo has a strong track record of working with a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Using the best of both existing and emerging technology, we create ’total’ solutions that can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation’s communications infrastructure.

Integral to this is Damovo Connect, our portfolio of managed solutions and services which covers all areas of network and mobile connectivity. We do not own any networks, but instead make use of those which are available in the marketplace. This gives our experienced team the freedom and flexibility to focus on getting the very best return from your infrastructure investments, whilst also maintaining maximum flexibility to adapt to the needs of your evolving business.


The Damovo Broadband portfolio offers a comprehensive range of contended (shared) and uncontended Broadband connections, with a choice of speeds and features. These are ideal for simple Internet access, for creating connections between offices and home workers, and for carrying voice traffic and other applications where quality is of the utmost importance. All connectivity services are available as fully managed offerings and are supplied with pre-configured routers. The portfolio includes:

  • ADSL Max – Up to 8Mbps asymmetric service
  • ADSL2+ – Up to 24Mbps downstream asymmetric service (1Mbps upstream) with either standard or elevated data traffic priority
  • ADSL2+ Annex M variant – as above but with up to 2.5Mbps upstream
  • SDSL – A symmetrical broadband service with upload and download speeds of up to 2Mbps.
Call Minutes

Damovo Call Minutes are offered either as Carrier Pre Select (CPS) across BT originating lines, or as direct connections via alternative carrier networks. Keys service features include:

  • Highly competitive call rates
  • The ability to retain existing numbers
  • Seamless switchover with fully managed migration
  • Expert phone-based technical support
  • Consolidated billing and service support
Inbound Call Management

Damovo’s Inbound Call Management Service enables organisations to manage interaction with their customers more effectively. Incoming call traffic can be challenging to manage and requires a rapid response to changing business conditions, to ensure that calls do not go unanswered, get cut off or are directed to the wrong person.

The Damovo solution provides secure online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools, without the need to install or manage any expensive hardware or software. This enables the efficient and cost-effective routing of all incoming calls to any end number - whether landline, mobile or international. This routing can be based on numerous self-configurable feature sets, from basic number redirection through to more progressive call management services.

In addition, Damovo offers a range of Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers including 0800, 03, 0845, 0844 and 0871.


Damovo delivers a business-grade ‘Internet’ service to its clients designed to meet their specific needs. Internet from Damovo provides high speed, reliable and scalable connectivity with speeds from 2Mb/s up to 10Gb/s, and access available via ADSL, SDSL, SDH, EtherExpress (Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)).and Ethernet Everywhere (fibre).  


Damovo’s IP VPN service is complementary to the managed MPLS VPN solution. It enables organisations to benefit from connection to centralised resources - such as applications, VoIP, databases and intranets - from remote locations. Compared to MPLS, the VPN service provides a relatively low cost way of connecting private networks and offices to one another anywhere in the world, over the low cost public internet.

IP VPN uses two key technologies. First, IPSec VPN connects all office networks and locations together and then SSL VPN makes it possible for specified users – no matter where they are in the world – to tap into the corporate network using any device with a standard browser, so that they can access centralised resources easily and securely.

Mobile Connectivity

Damovo’s Mobile Connectivity solutions cover everything from voice-only connections through to mobile broadband connections and smartphones with data access. The complete mobile telecoms environment is managed and reported on in the same way as the fixed telecoms environment, which reduces the management overhead that comes with having multiple providers.

Mobile Data

Today's enterprises face a complex networking environment, typically overseeing multiple disparate networks which are expensive and difficult to manage or modify.

Damovo’s managed MPLS VPN service delivers a secure, private IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN) to multiple sites or end points via a range of access circuit options - from basic Broadband and ADSL to Annex M and high speed Ethernet. The service brings together numerous traffic types into one streamlined network, giving each data type differing levels of priority to ensure that traffic which needs fast sequenced transport - like video or voice - always gets it.

With the Damovo service, organisations have the flexibility to mix and match individual access circuit suppliers dependent on geography, price and Terms & Conditions. This simplified WAN architecture provides lower costs, single supplier management and a responsive, managed business IT network that delivers security, scalability and flexibility to grow with the business. The service includes managed routers, firewall options and centralised internet access, together with comprehensive reporting tools – to deliver complete traffic and usage information for each site.

PSTN Lines

Damovo’s carrier relationships enable PSTN Lines to be delivered via a single provider for all PSTN connectivity. A wide variety of connection methods are possible, ranging from traditional analogue business lines such as ISDN 2, ISDN 30 or direct exchange lines, right through to the latest SIP connections. Key service features include:

  • Seamless switchover with fully managed migration
  • Expert phone-based technical support
  • Consolidated billing and service support
SIP Trunking

At the most basic level, Damovo’s SIP Trunking solutions provide a cost effective full or partial replacement for traditional analogue or digital ISDN telephone lines.

SIP Trunking is also used more comprehensively to converge all data and local, national, international and private voice traffic onto a single IP backbone.

The SIP Trunking service also supports legacy PBX implementations, strengthening the business case for switching to IP and making migration even easier. This typically leads to average cost savings of between 20% and 40%.


Wide Area Networking equipment has evolved way beyond the traditional IP router. Damovo provides a range of WAN solutions which enable multiple services - such as UC, video, mobility and security - to be combined and optimised within a single intelligent network edge device, to meets the networking needs of main offices or branches. A range of connectivity such as DSL, Ethernet or MPLS is also catered for.

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