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Unified Communications & Collaboration is key to everything that we do. But what does that really mean? With the ultimate aim of making your business more profitable, it means making valuable staff even more efficient and productive. And the best way to do that is to enable them to communicate more effectively, in a way and at a time that suits them.

The philosophy of Unified Communications has evolved from an overarching concept of unifying several communications channels to make a consistent set of capabilities accessible, regardless of user location or end device. While presence software still anchors the strongest Unified Communications solutions, in a crowded market it is important to enable more robust functionality within any multimedia communications solution. Therefore, our aim is to:

  • Consolidate multiple channels of communication within a system that supports open industry standards – to increase the degree of design flexibility and third party interoperability.
  • Reduce the dependence on proprietary hardware and software elements – to significantly contribute to minimising design and engineering costs.
  • Provide a high level of redundancy, resiliency and reliability - to enable a communications system platform that is designed to satisfy the very highest levels of service availability.
  • Deliver a highly scalable solution design and a software-centric approach – to enable a modular architecture that allows for simple upgrade of servers to accommodate customer growth.

Damovo’s instant audio Conferencing solution is called Damovo MeetMe. It enables virtual audio ‘meetings’ for up to 40 participants via a fixed line or mobile telephone number. No prior booking is required and conferences can be established in the time it takes participants to call in. The service is easy to use and is available every day of the year, whenever a meeting needs to be scheduled.

Contact Centres

Damovo offers a range of Contact Centre solutions which vary dramatically in size, complexity and scope of responsibility. Key service features include:

  • Multiple communication media such as voice, email, SMS and web chat
  • Sophisticated management tools
  • Integration into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and back office platforms to ensure that callers are dealt with in the most appropriate manner
  • Support for agents that work remotely, to enable flexible working
  • Complex call routing, enabling agents to be presented with specific calls based on their skills, experience and workload

Typical uses include:

  • Enabling organisations to communicate with their customer base
  • Supporting an organisation’s internal demands, for example calls into the IT helpdesk
  • Acting as the access point to external parties
  • Provision of 999 blue light response through to student services or insurance sales

In essence, supporting every business need, where volumes of calls have to be handled effectively and efficiently.

Customer Premise UC
Desktop Virtualisation
End Point

Damovo offers a range of End Point devices which meet the communication needs of any organisation. This includes traditional desktop telephones, desktop and laptop PCs, mobile phones, smartphones, conferencing and video devices - along with an array of associated accessories.  

Hosted Solutions - Collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration solutions designed to flex and adapt as your needs evolve. Discover more.


Damovo’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution provides inbound callers with ‘self-service’ applications, so that incoming calls for common requests can be handled efficiently and consistently without the need for human interaction. This decreases the operational costs to the organisation as it reduces the cost per interaction and also improves customer service, as it is available 24/7. With the right application, IVR systems can be used to automate a wide range of sales, service or support type calls.


Damovo’s Messaging solutions cover a number of different means by which information can be transmitted from one party to another. These include visual, written and voice, asynchronous and synchronous, and real and elapsed time. Examples include:


Corporate data is now as mobile as the corporate workforce, and increasingly the provision of mobile devices in the workplace is likely to move from corporate control to personal liability. Damovo’s Mobility solutions enable organisations to benefit from this increased flexibility and efficiency, by allowing users to access business applications securely wherever they are. Whilst the risk increases so does the value to the business, but mobile security and mobility management will always be paramount.


Presence is the ability to graphically display an individual’s communication status. At its simplest, an Instant Messaging contact list tells one user whether another user is available to chat, typically through the display of a green icon.

Delivered as part of a Unified Communications implementation, Damovo’s Presence solutions increase the granularity of presence information and extend the availability of that information across fixed and mobile devices, in order to radically enhance business productivity.


Call recording has historically been used mainly in financial environments, but is now being employed in a wider variety of contact centres, either as a legal requirement or to improve customer service levels and identify agent training needs.

Damovo’s Call Recording solutions provide access to previous recordings through simple indexing or keywords, enabling agents and managers to quickly assess and identify details of any recorded interaction. Call recording can be used to support staff in challenging call situations and to analyse the stress levels of callers. More complex analysis of calls including ‘word spotting’ can also be used to identify opportunities.


Damovo’s Voice/IPT solutions provide flexibility and cost savings by employing IP standards to deliver voice communications and other related services. These solutions utilise an organisation’s IP based data network (including wireless) to connect end users, irrespective of their location or telephone device. Users can also benefit from the system’s rich features, functionality, controls and services.


Damovo’s Voicemail solutions capture voice calls that would otherwise have been missed by the recipient and allow the caller to record a voice message. By integrating a voicemail system with the corporate PBX, users are alerted to the arrival of a message by either a message waiting indication or as an email and are able to retrieve it via their telephone keypad or directly from their inbox.

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